GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir


The intensive use of standard concrete put it to a privileged state in the architectural culture and civil engineering. Even if at the rise of the ecological awareness, its thermal performances are criticized, it remains the most chosed construction material and could keep its place if the thermal properties can be improved somehow, as dictated by most of the policies and construction professionals.

Our concrete production processes and technologies gradually integrate innovations that improve the properties of the concrete in the areas where is lacks. Our plants are designed in order to achieve this goal without compromising on the mechanical performances, all the while decreasing the use of water and cement, possible thanks to dynamic compression, embedding insulating materials and enabling the use of demolition rubble in the fabrication of concrete blocs.

Two processes are proposed in this section:

  • An electromechanically driven dynamic compression technology for the production of a very large pannel of products of excellent quality
  • A standard compression technology by static pressure and vibration for a range of agglomerated full or hollow blocks (classic or insulated cinderblocks, pavers ...)