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Block machines

Two machines are able to produce vibrated and agglomerated concrete blocks. One is a mobile laying machine, the other is a high capacity stationary machine.

They are designed to produce high quality materials with a constant concern for the ecological impact of the whole process.
Both these machines have a wide range of products, including a cinderblock with an embedded insulation layer.

Block machine with 2 or 4 vibrating engines.

 machine blocs fixel   

The Rimac block machines have many advantages:

  • Démarrage et arrêt rapide de la machine au moyen de 2 ou 4 moteurs/ vibreurs commandés par un contrôleur de fréquences
  • product-adjusted compaction strength
  • clean final products thanks to proportional valves
  • with or without face mix
  • easy to use
  • common RICS-RIMAC program for surveillance and controle, tele-operation, monitoring and off-site maintenance, mixtures recipes, failures diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • RFP Handling-phase 1 : standard version with moderate investment
  • RFP Handling-phase 2 : completely automated maintenance circuit, equipped with a conveyor belt between the "wet" (start) end and the "dry" (storage) end for production optimization
  • possible extension with post-treatment stations (washing, polishing, splitting etc.)

Laying Block Machine