GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir

Compressed concrete

GEOLUCE introduced the compressed concrete in the early 70's in partnership with the German company RINO, conceptor and manufacturer of electromechanical tamping presses. The goal was then to produce walkway tiles that were more resistant and more durable than the classical ones made with fragile agglomerated concrete. GEOLUCE had then equipped several French companies, such as Monvoisin - Bonna Sabla in the Paris region. Those machines are still in service, producing high quality materials.

The manufacturing technology has evolved on every plan, and allowed the diversification of compressed concrete products and enabled the emergence of ultra modern industrial plants with high productivity and quality.

Spread into the world, the dynamic tamping technology enables several manufacturers to put on the market several products destined to various technical fields with the exact same production line. When standard construction materials are not able to match the current regulations environmental, our process brings a solution ahead of the policies' requirements. Concretely, the dynamic compaction enhances the efficiency of the binding materials which allows to reduce their share in the mixing while also diminishing the water quantities. Water consumption and cement production are indeed the most environment-impacting products in the concrete production, and their reduced contribution is a great step towards environment preservation. Other ways to participate to climate protection have been developed, such as the conception of easy-to-use insulated cinderblocks, or the engineering of stabilized and compressed raw earth.