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Tamping presses

The compressed concrete process is based on four rammer presses. It is the product of a technological feat and a constant improvement over fifty years. The machine is compact, robust and makes materials with impeccable precision. Easy to use, the presses are integrated into automated or semi-automated production lines and designed to produce intensivly. The presses can be multifunctional and manufacture a range of eight products with a single mould. With the power of compaction, these presses work with semi-dry mixtures, and is an efficient way to reduce binder portions, water and drying time. This compaction to 8 N / mm² allows to obtain products of very high strength unmatched by static hydraulic compression systems.

The presses can manufacture products in double layers and are equipped with technical devices to manage the prefabrication of patterns and textures. With the optional multifunction it is possible to produce up to 16 products with 3 moulds. The same machine can make materials for architecture, public works and landscape.

The turn table press is the most efficient. Its cycle is the quickest (10 seconds) with 4 blocks of 200 x 400 mm or 1440 blocks / hour.
The sliding table press has a cycle of 30 seconds for the same number of blocks. Optionally this machine may evolve in situ to a turn table machine, if  required.
The multifunction press has an intermediate cycle (20 seconds). With a single mould it produces up to 8 elements for construction and road works. This machine can produce elements of 1.20m per side and from 2 to 22 cm in height, in pre forced without reinforcement.

The R2H press has an automatic head tamping of 2 hammers and a mould of 50x50 (maximum). The feeding, ejecting, unloading materials and the sliding of the mould are manual. The R2H manufactures a slab or two blocks per cycle of 1 minute with three workers. This is the only machine capable of mobility between production sites. It is suitable for laboratory equipment for mechanical testing of dynamic compression.

Watch the following video of the tamping system:

The flexible technology allows optimization of moulds for an important dimensional and geometric choice. Many patterns and textures are fabricated and integrated into the product. We work with the manufacturer's laboratory to meet the needs of potential users and prescribers. The presses are digitally controlled and equipped with a remote maintenance system.

Multifonction Press (cycle: 20 seconds)

Sliding Bed Machine (cycle: 30 seconds)


Turn Table Machine (cycle: 10 seconds)

Mobile Press (or for experimental purposes)