GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir

Process machinery

GEOLUCE's process for the production of Stabilized Earth Concrete revolves around the dynamic tamping press. Then, depending on the automation you ask for, several models are available. All the presses proposed for GEOLUCE SEC blocs use dynamic tamping presses. Moreover, the process can be extended with pre-processing and post-processing machines, in order to prepare the earth and then to handle the produced blocs and to package them.

Keep in mind that the exact same machines can be used to produce Compressed Sand Concrete, with no significant effort from the operators.

You will find here the brochures of the each model of tamping presses that comply with SEC and CSC requirements, and the add-on processing stations.

Dynamic Tamping Presses

Marshall Dynamic compression machines are fit for GEOLUCE Stabilised Earth Concrete production.

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Vibrating Static Presses

Static compression machines use vibration technology to improve grain bonding, while being light and compatible with mobile stations.

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