GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir

Earth Concrete

Stabilized Earth Concrete (SEC) is an outstanding material for building comfortable and ecological habitat in large scale. GEOLUCE process can transform any raw earth available into a construction grade SEC block, with a guaranteed quality. GEOLUCE gives you the opportunity to save money on construction costs and energy consumption by providing you with a process that enables you to use any kind of earth around your site, or any disposable earth stocks.

Stabilized and Compressed Earth Concrete (SEC) is an eco-friendly building block that  uses easily accessible and available raw materials: earth, sand, laterite rocks, quarry gravels etc. GEOLUCE SEC comes as high quality blocks, with outstanding mechanical and thermal properties.

What is GEOLUCE Stabilized Earth Concrete ?

A GEOLUCE Stabilised and Compressed Earth Concrete bloc is a perfectly finished bloc combining:

  • the durability and solidity of concrete
  • the thermal and hygrometic inertia of earth buildings

Stabilized Earth Concrete as manufactured through our process is a concrete where earth replaces sand. SEC is produced through the patented dynamic compression of a mortar composed of :

  • earth particulates of any origin, ground to a calibrated size
  • a small fraction of water
  • and if required, a small fraction of binding material (cement or chaux)

Dynamic high pressure compression guarantees the quality and solidity of the GEOLUCE SEC. Centuries-old manufacturing methods of adobes still use manual compression, but GEOLUCE introduced the use of mechanical power to improve the properties of Earth Concrete.

Starting from the first Colombian made press CINVA-RAM, GEOLUCE has merged all acquired experiences in manufacturing Earth Concrete into one optimal process that was approved by CEBTP, qualified authorities in France.