GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir


To manufacture Stabilized and Compressed Earth Concrete blocks , the GEOLUCE process uses special tamping presses Marshall-type molds. The acceleration of the hammers and the number of blows to the high land mass tenfold the effectiveness of compression without the need for heavy and bulky against weight or hydraulic levers. The presses are designed to integrate into production lines type materials SCECB Geoluce in conventional concrete or concrete with recycled aggregates. GEOLUCE recommends the machine that best fits your quantitative requirements, the concrete used and depending on the product and the planned level of investment. Designed to operate in intensive it is possible to modulate the production capacity by varying working time (one, two or three teams). It is also possible to vary the number of workstations on the line with the selection of a level of automation. Industrial and semi industrial presses are equipped with the same head and compression power. They differ in their production capacity, the range of possible products, the size and the work table (sliding or rotary) and finally the level of automation. They meet both the specifications of SCECB Geoluce validated by CEBTP. technology is proven anavailable on order to equip your circular economy industry.