GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir


GEOLUCE employes the unique and exclusive technology of our German partner, which performances have been demonstrated in factories all over the world for more than 50 years. Our chosing of this technologie for our process has been decided in the late 70's because it complied with our requirements to produce building materials locally, with stabilized and compressed earth.

The technology used develops a dynamic compression (quick and powerful tamping) with an electro-mechanical engine. This compression system, modern and industrial evolution of the ancestral manual ramming technique, applies a Marshall type tamping of 8 N/mm², spreading the pressure through the complete structure of the block. It is at the reach of the construction professionals (manufacturers, builders, architects) as well as private users, the environment and public policies for housing.

Our tamping presses produce materials:

  • of an outstanding quality and resistance
  • for construction, landscaping and technical infrastructures
  • with all types of raw materials (earth, sand, gravels, vegetal add-ons...)
  • of various shapes and sizes (from 2 to 22cm in height, and upto 120 cm in length)
  • that can join reliability, easiness of use and aesthetics (integrated facing, tints, surface textures ...)
  • with a perfectly clean finish and geometrical regularity (without any complementary surface treatment, like paint or plaster)

This unique technology enables:

  • to produce reliable and natural materials from omnipresent earth and demolition rubble, with a minimal ecological impact
  • to save important amounts on the budgets in cement and water, and on several construction stages
  • to decrease the energy consumption of the finished building thanks to the thermal inertia brought by the earth

With a continuous effort of development, this technology

  • adapts to the requirements of the professionals and the policies
  • is in a constant progress, by integrating state-of-the-art techniques in programming, automation, flexibility and upgradability.

An ideal technology for blocs manufacturers

  • The machines and plants are reliable, robust and durable (30 years of full time production in Bonnasable, France) without performance losses
  • They can function 24h a day under all climates
  • The presses are multifunctionnal with digital programmation (upto 8 products with a single mould, or up to 14 with 3 moulds)
  • A large pannel of products and mixing recipes can be processed with the same production line: lego blocks, weight bearing blocs, tiles, gutters, borders, pavers, stones, special products for infrastructures (cable conducts), faced blocs, textured surfaces, steps as long as 120 cm and 2 cm thick, washable materials, with different surface finishing treatments (polishing, grinding etc.)
  • The production is very stable, with high automation capabilities for increased performances
  • Compatible and automated evacuation, stacking, handling and palletization
  • Complete plants with low surface occupation
  • Industrial theoretical cadencesguaranteed without break (with total automation) for cycles from 10 to 30 s depending on the machine
  • Short drying time (dry concrete)
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning (with an automated and built-in system)

Our machinery manufacturer and partner is reliable, robust and perennial (more than 50 years of service)

  • Clients and strongholds worldwide
  • Constant investments in R&D and innovation
  • In charge of the machinery assembly, start-up, operator training and technical assistance
  • Guarantees on-line or on-site troubleshooting