GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir

Typical Factory

The various tamping presses used to manufacture raw Stabilized and Compressed Earth Concrete blocs have different cadencies (from 9s to 30s) with the exact same power and compaction efficiency, with the guarantee of optimal grain tightness. This insures an excellent quality bloc regarding resistance, geometric regularity and aesthetics.

The GEOLUCE blocs range in the BTC-60 category, as defined by the French experimental regulatory document NF-XP P 13-901.

Contrary to standard static hydraulic compression, our presses and production lines are electro-mechanical, which means they do not fear extreme temperature variations and can be operational without interruption or quality loss in any climate. The lines can be partially or completey automated.

A typical GEOLUCE blocs production line is composed of several stations*:

  • earth extraction or feeding station
  • earth aggregates preparation: crushing, scalping screening
  • concrete plant: storage silos, conveyors, automatic dosage of aggregates, water and binders, mixing and humidity check
  • tamping station, stacking and pallet storage (theses functions are included in some tamping presses)
  • packaging and long term storage

A unique tamping technology equips these lines:

  • the tamping presses apply an electro-mechanical Marshall dynamic compression. Either automated, or semi-automated, theses machines guarantee a mechanical performance unequaled by static hydraulic presses. They are flexible, evolutive and robust, and their efficiency is unaltered by intensive use or under climatic constraints.
  • the compression stations are equipped with the product output handling capabilities (stacking and palletization) and are connected to the rest of the packaging line, built by the same manufacturer.

A typical factory can output every GEOLUCE bloc with a high productivity (1440 p/h**). Several surveillance and control protocols are implemented at each step, in order to guarantee the manufacture of Stabilized Earth Concrete blocs with a GEOLUCE quality.

The standard presses and production plants are immobile and can be only occasionally moved. If mobility is required, GEOLUCE can offer you either a semi-automatic tamping press with manual loading and un-loading, or an intermediate technology with a static compression system with standard mechanical performances.

*: depending on the characteristics of your project, the budgets and the available manpower, you can choose the level of automation. Some stations can be replaced with manual alternatives.

**: Theretical cadency for the Rotating Table Machine, in a totally automated line for 4 blocs of 20*40cm per cycle.