GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir

SEC Process

The Stabilized Earth Concrete (SEC) modules produced by the GEOLUCE manufacturing lines are engineered to be used as standard or bearing wall up to two floors. It is fit for residential or professional buildings. Its thermal and humidity isolation properties provide an excellent comfort. Passive temperature and atmosphere regulation reduces the need to use external additional heating or air-conditioning.

Starting from the first manual static press developed in Colombia to the Rino-Wercke dynamic stamping press used for the first GEOLUCE blocks, the mechanical and isolation properties were closely tested and were proved to be very sensitive to some parameters:

  • dosage and quality of all components (earth, binding material, water)
  • force of compression
  • method of compression

This is the reason why GEOLUCE developed a scientific approach in collaboration with skilled French laboratories such as CEBTP and CSTB. This partnership resulted, after several cycles of trial-and-error, in the elaboration of specifications that define the requirements of the GEOLUCE Stabilized Earth Concrete Blocks and the associated quality controls.

The SEC blocks produced under these specifications have received the building certification from the French authority.

GEOLUCE manufacturing lines are composed of a succession of processing machines, set around the core of it: the dynamic compression pad. The whole process is thoroughly automated. Follow the links to find downloadable documentation on compression technologies and products.

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Pre-processing *

  • Raw earth preparation station
    • shredder : shreds large blocks of earth
    • metal detector and remover
    • crusher : reduces all earth to particulates of calibrated size (1mm typically)
    • sieve : homogenization of earth particulates
    • silo for temporary storage or direct conveyor to next station
  • Earth stabilization station
    • Blender : automatic dosage of water and/or binding material and preparation of a homogenized mixture

Compression Pad **

  • Automatic/semi-automatic dynamic MARSHALL compression with high efficiency, with electric engine (resilience to extreme climatic strains)

Post-processing *

  • Piling station, that can be an integrated part of some compression pads
  • Conveyor to the drying area

This same process is used for the production of all GEOLUCE products with a high efficiency and productivity. Several surveillance and control protocols are implemented at each step, in order to quarantee the best quality of GEOLUCE Stabilized Earth Concrete blocs.

* : depending on your project, your financial capabilities, and your available man power, some of the listed stations can be replaced by manual alternatives.

** : If you plan to use this process in a mobile factory GEOLUCE is able to offer an alternative process, that substitutes the dynamic press with a static compression pad, which produces SEC blocks, with intermediate mechanical properties.