GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir


The blocs produced with GEOLUCE process have been tested and validated in 1985 by the CEBTP. They qualified the material as suitable for construction up to two stories. A whole new batch of tests will be launched in the near future, because we aim at being up-to-date with the most advanced standards.

Our Stabilized Earth Concrete process produces blocs with a guaranteed quality.

Here are some of the evaluated characteristics of GEOLUCE SEC blocs:

  • Dry resistance: 78bars (170bars max) (range BTC 60 in NF-XP P 13-901 reglations)
  • 48h immersion resistance: 33bars (range BTC 60 in NF-XP P 13-901 reglations)
  • Dry density: 2.18
  • Variations after drying: very small
  • Swelling after immersion: <1mm