GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir

Why build in SEC?

GEOLUCE Stabilized Earth Concrete process provides blocks of the highest quality. Here are some clues on why you should build with GEOLUCE SEC blocks:

Because you can use it in all scales of building: SEC is a suitable material for large habitation projects and fits habitat policies requirements. Obviously, SEC is as well suited for individual habitat. The efficiency of the process and the easiness of use make it perfect for all types of architectures.

Because you will save money on all steps of production: GEOLUCE process is engineered for non-expensive construction. It enables to lower the overall cost of construction by reducing or deleting some building posts such as heat and sound insultation, air conditioning, transportation, energy, maintenance, structure, drying etc. GEOLUCE process reduces the cost due to raw materials. Indeed, Earth is most of the time free and highly abundant, as it is extracted from the construction site, and the amounts of water and binding materials (the most expensive being cement) are drastically reduced by the use of dynamic tamping presses.

Because it is compatible with all climates: Ideal in warm or hot regions, GEOLUCE Stabilized Earth Concrete can be used in all climatic conditions, seasons and regions, with the conjunction of smart architecture. GEOLUCE SEC can sustain wind, rain, drought, temperature variations and humidity. It guarantees thermal comfort, especially in high day/night temperature gradients areas.

Because SEC blocks have great longevity: GEOLUCE process is designed to make rock solid and durable materials. Pressed by powerful mechanical shelling (10N/mm²), GEOLUCE SEC blocks are made to last. Resistance to fire and pests are only two amongst many strengths of Stabilized Earth Concrete.

Because you can use it worldwide: As GEOLUCE Stabilized Earth Concrete is made with earth , little or not binding material, a hint of water and dynamic tamping, it can be produced everywhere in the world, as long as earth is extractable. It is a universal meterial in the way that people from all cultures, regions, climates or social categories can benefit from it. Moreover, as the main raw material is the earth surrounding the construction site, the buildings blend perfectly in their environment, preserving the natural aspect of the land. Although the looks will keep their vintage cachet, the flexible technology of the GEOLUCE SEC will be used for modern designs and comfortable buildings.

Because you want to achieve truly eco-friendly projects: GEOLUCE Stabilized Earth Concrete is sustainable and its manufacturing and use leaves little impact on the environment. It tends to zero pollution on all levels:

  • transportation is lowered to the minimal because of earth availability,
  • external processes pollution is reduced by using only a faint portion of cement, or none at all,
  • natural resources are preserved, as the proportion of water is but very small,
  • manufacturing pollution is reduced by the use of electric machinery, and the absence of chemicals make it clean and non toxic.
  • inherent thermal properties are energy saving, thus pollution reducing, as air conditioning and heating become futile.
  • SEC blocs are recyclable, as they are around 90% earth. They can be reprocessed into new SEC blocks, or used in other applications.

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