GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir

Our goals

GEOLUCE is leading 3 actions, willing to protect the environment and to push sustainability further. GEOLUCE bases its work on the principle of the cohesion between Man + Environment.

The processes proposed by GEOLUCE guarantee the production of green products with a ecological concern all along. Our actions are:

  • To develop the manufacturing of GEOLUCE Stabilised and Compressed Earth Concrete blocs (SEC), an ecological and durable building material
  • To spread the use of the dynamic tamping technology to improve the performances of sand concrete by producing Compressed Sand Concrete as a quality alternative to usual sand concrete
  • To promote ecological and profitable habitat solution for waste valorization
    • By transforming organic and degradable waste into agricultural compost, through stationary aerobic treatment
    • By integrating ground demolition waste in the composition of dynamically compressed blocs

By accomplishing these missions, GEOLUCE plays a precise role in the development of a habitat mode, both ecological and durable. Our processes are founded on industrial and state-of-the-art technologies.