GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir

Our network

GEOLUCE has developed a strong and lasting partnership with  world-renowned European manufacturers, which can provide reliable machinery and manufacturing equipment and then insure the installation and technical assistance.

A historic collaboration of 40 years with the german manufacturer of the presses RIMAC has designated GEOLUCE as the sole distributor of its products in French-speaking countries, and worldwide for Stabilised Earth Concrete.  The machines are

  • Presses featuring an electro-mechanical Marshall compression system (exclusive worldwide protection), core of GEOLUCE's stabilized compressed earth concrete process.
  • Vibration equipped presses with hydraulic static compression
  • A single press specially designed for briquetting compost with a stationary aerobic system
  • The automation system of handling, packaging and storage of finished products

Other partners in Germany, Belgium, Italy provide other stations in the production line (equipment and machinery for extraction, processing or recycling of materials and preparation of aggregates, mixing ...)
GEOLUCE can provide machines or production facilities in compressed and stabilised earth throughout the world.

GEOLUCE works with the CEBTP, an accredited laboratory specialized in building technologies, which issued the technical advice and specifications of the GEOLUCE stabilized rammed earth process  in 1985.

Collaboration with the engineer and architect Terrien (Paris) will advance construction techniques with the earth as both architectural and constructive material. Interested in reflections on earth architectures, this cabinet may intervene in the urban design and architectural solutions compatible with the GEOLUCE products.