GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir


What do we do for you?

Today, GEOLUCE is your better advisor on the use of Stabilized and Compressed Earth Concrete and Waste Treatment Stations in the frame of ecological habitat. We will counsel you in your choices, and provide you with technical support and industrial plants required for the production of GEOLUCE SEC blocs. More precisely, GEOLCE brings to the project:

  • Operational and functional processes: GEOLUCE is the promoter of patented and exclusive industrial processes for the manufacturing of dynamically compressed concrete. They enable to produce a large panel of excellent quality blocs, pavers, gutters etc. with outstanding mechanical properties
  • An efficient technology: GEOLUCE is based on a dynamic compression technology, with proven performances all around the world. The presses at the core of the GEOLUCE Earth process use a Marshall dynamic compression with integral repartition, powered by an electrical engine. The machinery is modern and robust, with no hydraulic parts, designed to work intensively and durably with stable performances
  • Efficient eco-solutions: the factories are multi-functional, flexible and upgradable. They guarantee the manufacture of stable concrete with various aggregates (earth, sand, gravel, ground construction waste, etc.) with savings on both water and cement. They adapt to the needs of construction engineering and architecture by offering a large variety of products for housing, landscape, roads and infrastructure. They also enable the valorization of bio-degradable waste into agricultural compost.
  • Reliable partners: GEOLUCE guarantees the direct collaboration between its partners. Builders, machinery suppliers, civil engineers and architects are brought together in order to combine their renown skills and industrial experience. GEOLUCE integrates the contributions and innovations in the global solution.

Moreover, GEOLUCE accompanies the client through:

  • Engineering studies
  • Conception of the project et appropriate technical choice (machinery selection, production lines, machine and equipment compatibility, integration of locally acquired equipments, etc.)
  • Project building (simulations, financial estimations, factory and working plants visits)
  • Assistance in production and technical requirements compliance, contact making with local specialized laboratories
  • Knowledge and skill transfer for practical building
  • Integrated architectural and urban studies for earth construction
  • Research and development: GEOLUCE takes into account feedback, client needs, supplier capabilities and integrates them in innovative products.

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