GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir

Who we are

GEOLUCE is a company founded in 1975 by Paul Luce, a French civil engineer, and taken over by Mouloud Chegrani and his son Yacine. Their goal is to develop its activities all around the world, not only in rural regions, but also in urban areas, and to make Stabilised Earth Concrete affordable for all.

GEOLUCE is also the name of the earth compression process invented by Mr. Luce.

Old GEOLUCE's logotype

Old GEOLUCE's logotype

Manually compressing the earth without stabilizing its structure in order to obtain solid bricks is an ancient technique. Yet the idea of using industrial presses with a dynamic compression and a faint addition of stabilizing material was born when Mr. Luce was working with Mr. Chegrani, the current head of GEOLUCE. 35 years ago, North African countries needed a cheap and available material to develop rural habitat in arid regions, GEOLUCE Stabilized Earth Concrete (SEC) was invented as a solution.