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Waste recycling and valorization

Waste are a crucial issue for the planet. Usual incineration, storage or burying solutions are often criticized and sometimes contested because of their effect on human health and the environment. Waste valorization becomes a major stake in the near future. Citizens and communities are aware of waste recycling potential, but the currently available solutions are on a much lower scale than required, and cannot face the challenge. Two of the main issues at hand are the disposal mineral waste produced in quarries, construction grounds, or during building demolition and the treatment of domestic organic waste. GEOLUCE's engagement in environment protection is once more expressed both solutions we offer for a large scale waste recycling and valorization. One is the possibility to include demolition rubble into stabilized earth blocs. The other provides a process to ecologically treat biodegradable waste, and turn it into clean compost, proper for agriculture and soil fertilization.

You will discover here a brief presentation of the composting system, already operationnal in several countries, including Germany (Suez Environment group). In a single day, a typical plant equipped with this technology can process 150tons of biodegradable waste, yielding 100 tons of agricutural chemicals-free fertilizer. This process, called Sobo-Humus, engineered by a German laboratory requires the use of the BRIKOLLARE press, from our exclusive partner, Rimac.

The recycling and valorisation of demolition waste is founded on the dynamic tamping technology that enables, thanks to the high pressures developped, to embed all size of grains into a coherent and sound building block. It provides the opportunity to get rid of the rubble load and to make good use of a generally discarded waste in a durable material.

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