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Biodegradable Waste

Most of the biodegradable waste are either incinerated or buried. The lack of sorting between organic waste and the garbage is a hindrance to their valorization. ORDIF evaluates that the share of composted waste is minor compared to the incineration (in the parisian region, only 2% are composted whereas 68% are burnt). The quantity of bio-waste est difficult since they are not collected as such, but spread in the midst of household garbage. ORDIF estimates that 27kg of biodegradable waste are produced per day and per citizen, which sums up to 316000 tons in a year. The total of this waste can be efficiently valorized, when only 27% of it is treated.

The treatment process GEOLUCE offers can contribute efficiently to the increase of the growth of biodegradable waste valorization and hands the tools to fulfill the goals and directives in terms of waste management in the environmental policies. Local communities and waste management companies are welcome to discover fully operational plants, GEOLCE and its partners are available to provide any information on the topic.

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