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HUMUS SOBOTOR process is a hygienic and economical method that uses to convert biological household waste and sewage sludge in humus of excellent quality. It is designed for companies and local authorities responsible for waste management of large cities. This is a major solution for sustanable environment and nature because it allows to recover the waste, contributing to natural fertilization, healthy soil and crops, reduce incineration and landfilling, more expensive and emitting various pollutants. The treatment system is designed to save the environment from harmful emissions (odor, water settling, smok, etc). The floor space is also reduced compared to conventional treatment system waste or composting. Thus, this solution can be consistent with a location in the urban periphery thus reducing the impacts of transport. This treatment system can be integrated into a conventional composting process downstream of the sorting and crushing phase. Experience shows that the process is profitable for cities of over 30,000 inhabitants, with separate collection of biodegradable waste. Feasibility and technical study are required.

The assets that make this system a suitable solution to the concerns of waste managers:

  • The Brikollare press is specially designed for the process, which allows continuous oxygenation of waste bricks in the intensive decomposition room.
  • Adding fungus, developed by the laboratory, accelerates the composting. It filters odors and protects the product for 10 years, even when stored outdoors.
  • The process decontaminates the material, eliminates spores, seeds and eggs of worms
  • the reduction of the maturation time of the product
  • reducing the size of installation compared to conventional system (-70%)
  • implementation possible with the urban space (without residual water, emission of odors, fumes and other nuisances)
  • economic processing cost per capita
  • Fully automatic and continuous operation
  • facilitates the transport and storage possible including fireplaces in the open

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