GEOLUCE – La force de la terre pour bâtir

Demolition Waste

Based on the case of the Ile de France, the ORDIF's data (panel 2009) show that the Ile de France has reached 258 000 tons of construction waste - Demolition (cuttings, rubble), or 22 kg / capita of 103 kg of residual waste collected. changing the ratio of 5% from 2008 to 2009. About 22% of this waste would be treated and valued in. The road works are the main outlet for recycled materials. Thanks to compression technology by shelling, our facilities can integrate aggregates from recycling to manufacture building and road materials. This perspective is beneficial to the environment not only because it values ​​these bulky waste but also by contributing to the manufacture of eco-materials (concrete recycled land, saving water and cement). Can, in certain contexts affected by the scarcity of sand and gravel aggregate to find a viable alternative that can avoid désensablements harmful to the ecosystem, particularly groundwater.

GEOLUCE process is mixed and can produce good quality products with all aggregates and binders. In other words, with the same process it is possible to produce concrete materials with earth, sand, gravel or recycled aggregates. Our plants can intervene downstream stations crushing existing in recycling companies.

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